Circle Jerks – VI (1987) CD Album

Band: Circle Jerks

Album: VI

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Relativity

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 13 Tracks CD Album

The Circle Jerks are an American punk rock band formed in 1979 by vocalist Keith Morris and guitarist Greg Hetson. Morris had previously been a vocalist for Black Flag and Hetson had been a guitarist for Red Cross (later known as Redd Kross). Both bands practiced at a rehearsal space called The Church, located in Hermosa Beach, California. Morris and Hetson quit their bands at about the same time, but for opposite reasons: Morris felt Black Flag practiced too much and Hetson felt Red Cross didn't practice enough. The duo recruit jazz-trained drummer Keith "Lucky" Lehrer. Lehrer had auditioned for Red Cross but had been rejected by the other members of the band for allegedly being "too good", much to Hetson's frustration (Red Cross's previous drummer, Ron Reyes, ended up replacing Morris in Black Flag). Bassist Roger Rogerson (born Roger Dowding) was the final addition to the band. The Circle Jerks quickly rose in popularity due to their hyperspeed music and energetic performances, but their habit of re-using music and lyrics from their previous groups (sometimes including bits that the members of the Circle Jerks did not author) did not win them many fans among their former band mates. Their debut release, 1980's "Group Sex" featured 14 songs in 16 minutes and is considered a class (...)

13 Tracks
1 Beat Me Senseless1:59
2 Patty's Killing Mel2:06
3 Casualty Vampire2:39
4 Tell Me Why3:18
5 Protection1:45
6 I'm Alive2:37
7 Status Clinger2:44
8 Living2:29
9 American Way1:44
10 Fortunate Son2:02
11 Love Kills2:33
12 All Wound Up1:32
13 I Don't2:00

Recorded at Crystal Sound & Mr. Rogers, Hollywood, CA

Mixed at Crystal Sound

Mastered at Capitol Records

All songs published by Boring Mole Publishing/BMI, except track 10 Published By Jondora Music/BMI

©1987 Relativity Records Inc.

℗1987 Relativity Records Inc.

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