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Band Name: Dead Kennedys

Music Album: Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: Alternative Tentacles

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 17 Tracks Vinyl LP Flexi-disc 7"

Legendary punk band hailing from San Francisco, formed in 1978 & fronted by the even more legendary Jello Biafra (Eric Boucher). They split up in the mid-80s, and there has been animosity between Jello and the rest of the band since the late '90s, with a recent court case awarding all the rights to all the songs to the rest of the band.

17 Tracks
A1 Police Truck2:23
A2 Too Drunk To Fuck2:38
A3 California Über Alles3:26
A4 The Man With The Dogs3:01
A5 In Sight1:38
A6 Life Sentence2:38
A7 A Child And His Lawnmower0:54
A8 Holiday In Cambodia3:43
B9 I Fought The Law2:17
B10 Saturday Night Holocaust4:22
B11 Pull My Strings5:53
B12 Short Songs0:20
B13 Straight A's2:05
B14 Kinky Sex Makes The World Go 'Round4:17
B15 The Prey3:44
C16 Buzzbomb From Pasadena2:20
D17 Night Of The Living Rednecks5:10

Includes cut-and-paste style lyric/credits booklet and Alternative Tentacles Records order form with No More Censorship Defense Fund information on the reverse side. Other versions came with a solid vinyl 7" instead of a flexi.

LP Side 1 listed as 'This Side'; Side 2 listed as 'That Side'.

The tracks are listed sequentially, from 1 to 17.

Flexi Side 1 is 45 RPM and Side 2 is 33 1/3 RPM.

LP ℗ + © 1987 Alternative Tentacles.

Jacket made in Canada.

Flexi mfd. in U.S.A. by Eva-Tone Soundsheets, Clearwater, FL. C & P 1987 Alternative Tentacles Records. Both songs published by Decay Music. This sound sheet comes free with the "Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death" LP. If someone tries to charge you extra, steal it.

All songs published by Decay Music except B9 published by Acuff Rose Opryland Music Co Inc.

Bruce Slesinger is credited as 'Bruce Slesinger (A.K.A. Ted)'.

Jayed Scotti cover art and Winston Smith insert contributions for Fallout Productions.

Lt. V. Vale's insert contribution for Research.

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