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Band Name: Dropkick Murphys

Music Album: The Singles Collection (Volume 1 1996-1997)

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Oi Folk Rock

Record Label: Hellcat Records

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 24 Tracks CD

Oi! Punk band from Boston, MA, formed in 1996 by Ken Casey (bass/vocals), Rick Barton (guitar) and Mike McColgan (vocals). The band is known for its Oi!/punk sound, its frequent covers of Irish standards, and lyrics which often focus on unions and working class ethics and concerns. In 1998, the band signed to Hellcat Records, a label run by members of Rancid and connected to Epitaph Records. After the release of their first LP, "Do Or Die", Mike McColgan left the band to pursue his desire to become a firefighter. The split was amicable and McColgan would return to music a few years later, fronting the Street Dogs. He was replaced by Al Barr. Rick Barton left after the band's second album, "The Gang's All Here" to pursue outside interests. By the release of their next album, "Sing Loud, Sing Proud", the band had expanded to include Casey, Barr, longtime drummer Matt Kelly, 2 guitarists, a mandolin player, and a bagpipe player.

In 2004, the Dropkick Murphys recorded and released the song "Tessie", an old tune associated with the Boston Red Sox baseball team. The song was featured in the movie "Fever Pitc (...)

24 Tracks
1 Barroom Hero3:09
2 Fightstarter Karaoke2:33
3 John Law2:15
4 Regular Guy1:53
5 3rd Man In2:19
6 Career Opportunities (Live)1:53
7 Never Alone3:18
8 Take It Or Leave It2:02
9 Eurotrash1:36
10 Front Seat2:33
11 Denial2:24
12 Billy's Bones2:03
13 Road Of The Righteous2:50
14 Guns Of Brixton2:47
15 Cadence To Arms (Live)2:26
16 Do Or Die (Live)1:48
17 In The Streets Of Boston (Live)1:14
18 Never Alone (Live)2:40
19 Get Up (Live)2:05
20 Far Away Coast (Live)2:46
21 Boys On The Docks (Live)2:53
22 Skinhead On The M.B.T.A. (Live)4:45
23 I've Had Enough (Live)1:42
24 White Riot (Live)1:48

This CD contains the original recordings from the out of print 7"s from the years '96 and '97 as well as unreleased live recordings.

This is the American version of the album "The Early Years - Underpaid & Out Of Tune", omitting the music from the "Boys On The Docks" mini CD but instead featuring additional tracks of the "Do Or Die" release party held in Cambridge, MA. on February 8th, 1998 and an exclusive live recording from the Boston Pride show in November of 1997.

All songs published by Boston Scally Punk Publishing (ASCAP) or Dr Zeuss Music (ASCAP) except:

Tracks 6, 14 & 24 published by Nineden Ltd (PRS)

Track 12 published by Stiff Music Ltd (MCPSBIM)

Track 22 published by Donna Dijon Music Publications (BMI)/Polygram Music (BMI)

Track 23 published by Toonidge Music (BMI)

Tracks 1 and 2 are from Ducky Boys split 7"

Tracks 3 to 6 are from Tattos And Scally Caps 7"

Tracks 7 to 10 are from Fire And Brimstone 7"

Tracks 11 and 12 are from The Bruisers split 7"

Tracks 13 and 14 are from Antiheroes spilt 7"

Tracks 15 to 23 are live tracks from the band's Do Or Die record release party held in Cambridge, MA. on February 8th, 1998 at The Middle East

Track 24 is a live recording from the Boston Pride show in November of 1997 at the Rat

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